Useful Links

Pennsylvania Campaign Finance Reporting Law

The Commonwealth Department of State does a pretty good job of explaining the law in plain language at this link. They're also pretty good about answering questions if you give them a call.

Forms Online

Click here to get the necessary forms to file as a candidate and/or a political committee. Note that the PPCM can create DSEB-502 and/or DSEB-503 for you.

Report Filing Deadlines

You can get list of deadlines for filing your Campaign Finance reports by clicking here.

Report Search

Use this link to review and study the campaign finances of your competitors.

SURE Portal Home Page

Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (SURE): Lots of useful information on voting, voter registration, and voter data in the Commonwealth. A bit technical, but a great place to start if you are looking for information on this kind of thing.


The Pennsylvania Department of State's online voting information and resource center.

For The Media

A copy of our media kit is here. To hear a story from Philadelphia's WHYY Public Radio News about the PPCM, click here. To read an article from Philadelphia's The Public Record on the PPCM, click here.