PPCM Features

Compile & Print Campaign Finance Reports as Required by Law

Having difficulty with the Commonwealth Campaign Finance forms? Let the PPCM fill them out for you. Just enter your contribution, expense, receipt, & debt information, and click a button. The PPCM makes it easy.

Solicit and Acknowledge Campaign Contributors

The PPCM allows you to keep track of your campaign contributors; send them thank-you letters, and, of course, ask them for money again and again. You can also keep track of in-kind contributions.

Import SURE Voter Data from the PA Department of State

Get the Full Voter Export File for your county (or the whole Commonwealth) for only $20.00, then import your district into the PPCM. It will sort voters for you, by party, election history, and district, along with complex demographic information.

Sort Voters by Election, Party, Age, Gender, & District

Target your voters with sophisticated electioneering tools and create mail merge files based on their party, age, gender, location, and voting history.

Print Street Lists & Voter Statistics

Print street lists and mailing labels (for a specific party, if desired) for any precinct in your district if you have completed an import of voter data from the Commonwealth. You can also print a report of voter registration data for a district, from as large as a county to as small as a precinct.

Recruit & Coordinate Campaign Volunteers

Along with your contributors, you can keep track of volunteers, including individuals who have promised to vote for you. You can send them letters based on their volunteer category, and if you use Microsoft Outlook you can send them email.

Store Media Contacts for Press Releases and Campaign Alerts

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can use the PPCM to email press releases to your media contacts. This functionality is built-in.

Create Event Reports in Hardcopy or HTML Format

The PPCM can produce an HTML page that lists your campaign events for a certain time frame. You can put this up on your web site as is, or hook it to a style sheet. This is a great way to keep the events section of your campaign website updated.

...and much, much more!