What You'll Get with PPCM

You'll be downloading one file from this website, ppcm.zip. Be sure to unzip the contents to a separate folder before you try to use them (otherwise your database will be read-only.) Included in the compressed file are the following files:

PPCM v6.0.mdb

The database you will be using (Note: You will need a copy of Microsoft Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010 to run the PPCM.) There is no password on this file, and you get the entire source code with it. You may customize it if you wish. Note: You also get five support databases that are necessary for operation. Be sure you download the database to the location you desire, and keep the other databases with it.

PPCM License.txt

A license for the software. Basically, you agree to hold DAL Services, Inc. harmless for just about everything, including losing elections, and you promise not to sue the company or its officers, directors, and employees.

PPCM Documentation.doc

This is the documentation for the software. You should read it before attempting to use the PPCM (or have a campaign volunteer, such as your Treasurer or Campaign Manager read it.)


A Commonwealth Department of State form for ordering SURE voter data. You want to get a Full Voter Export List (letter "D") for your county. If your district covers more than one county, get All Counties (this option is actually less expensive.) Note: Order your data today, as the Department of State tends to get a backlog during election season.

Campaign Finance Audit Procedures.pdf

There is always an outside chance that you will get audited by your county or the Commonwealth Department of State. This document outlines the procedures auditors will follow if you do get audited. If you read this document in advance, you might learn a thing or two, and prevent future problems.


Text of an article that appeared in The Philadelphia Public Record and gave the PPCM a much needed publicity boost.